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About Us

  MEET KENNY & GILLIAN                 

Bride & Boots was birthed from Kenny and Gillian’s own personal story. Their journey began over 25 years ago when they first dated as teenagers. After 4 years together they were engaged and by their early twenties they had tied the knot.


Blessed with two beautiful daughters Leah and Hollie, life on the surface seemed “perfect” …UNTIL IT WASN’T


After ten years of building successful careers, a loving family and what they thought was a secure future, their marriage came crashing down when the truth of their secret lives eventually caught up with them. With no sign of hope, divorce seemed like the only option but God had others plans.


Today Kenny and Gillian are 19 years married and their miracle story of God's freedom, healing and forgiveness has been the catalyst to help many other marriages that seemed beyond hope.


Bride & Boots?

Bride & Boots exists because we believe your marriage is worth fighting for. This is not a text book or templated advice service because every marriage is unique and every journey is individual. This is a safe space where you can be real, take off your mask, and discover God's best for you.


Our heart is to use the tools we've gathered to help you grow together. So wherever you are, wherever you've been and whatever you’re going through it’s never too late. We would love to meet you and begin your journey of Bride & Boots.

Kenny & Gillian     

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